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 Akuma Getsuei

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Akuma Getsuei
Vaizard Leaders
Akuma Getsuei

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PostSubject: Akuma Getsuei   Sun May 17, 2009 3:04 pm

:Name::Akuma Getsuei

:Gender:: Male

:Race:: Vizard

:Age:: (looks 15)

:Physical Description:: average height with nice looking eyebrows O.o fit and looks physically strong

:Personality:: a bit destructive and lively. act a bit overly obscene and if there's a problem with another person and himself, he'll let them know it

:Background Information:: was previously a captain but soon fled and left everything on the count of being afraid that he'll be hunted until exterminated through out his life like the Quincy once were. after fleeing, akuma homed his hollow skills to achieve absolute confidence about his abilities and him being hunted to the point of no worries. akuma became a leader of a group of vizards.

----Profession Info----

:Current Ranking::
Vizard leader

:Kido Knowledge List[Limit is 8]::
Oblivion Cero~Cost: 500 Sp
Akuma's own cero that optimizes his power of a cero. the energy gathered is a instant blinding white color with a black glow. after the energy is gathered and then fired, it leaves get destruction in its wake. only peopld of equal strength can block or stop the attack.

Improved Cero~ Cost: 250 Sp
A more advanced version of the cero for much stronger Vizard. These energy blasts, which are fired from various body parts, are much more capable of destructive results and completely vaporizing targets than a normal cero. Cannot be blocked or stopped by anyone rank 6 or lower.

Chiyudo 59~ Cost: 300 Sp
Major Regeneration
This is an advanced chiyudo that takes years to even attempt. The user must stay within one hundred feet of the patient while healing. It's rate of healing extremely fast and very efficent. This may heal any kind of wounds including bones but also may tire the user out very quickly.

Bakudo 62~ Cost: 350 Sp
Gochu Tekkan
This bakudo is a very high level kidou that cannot be broken by physical strength alone. It features five tall, and heavy pillars that hold the the victim to the ground. If used on someone with higher Sp or rank, it can be broken.

Bakudo 63~ Cost: 350 Sp
Sajo Sabaku
This bakudo is a very high level kidou that cannot be broken by physical strength alone. It features a wrapping of sand that may bind any part of the body together. In the past it was used to bind the captain Kensei immediately after his transformation into a vizard. If used on someone with higher Sp or rank, it can be broken.

Hadou 33~ Cost: 300 Sp
Soukatsui Crash Down - Way of Destruction
This is a defensive hadou that can also be used for attacking. The caster puts their hands together and releases an expanding beam that appears to be a big blue ball of spiritual pressure. Anything in its way will fall to the ground or disintergrate.

:Mask Appearance::

:Zanpakuto Appearance::~long katana

Shikai Form: Dual Crescent Moon~the zanpakuto splits into 2 hand scythe, the blade becoming white while the other side black. long white chains descend from the hilt of the 2

Bankai Form: Full Moon Blade~the 2 hand blades are now arm blades connected from the shoulder down, when put toegther makes a full circle

:Zanpakuto Info:: the spirit within the zanpakuto is very intelligent but often seems naive. it performs at 6x its own power when within the moonlight and 20x that when the moon is full, although, when the sun is out at it's brightest, it only works at 88% of its capacity. in doing so, it comes off as lazy

:Zanpakuto Shikai Abilities and Powers::

1. Crescent Slash
Description: akuma collects energy into the blade(s) and sends a crescent shaped beam toward an opponent while possessing a gravity like force, pulling anything within range toward it, causing horrible damage in its wake, speed being a factor.

2. Crushing Moonlight
Description: making a slash, akuma creates a large rift in the space cut, shedding light upon anything it hits. when the light hits, what ever is hit has gravity forced upon it and is crush with great force.

:Bankai Abilities and Powers::~upon activation, everything goes into the darkness of the night and a full moon is shown

1. Full Moon Slash
Description: akuma quickly collects energy into the blade(s) and creates a full circle of light that gives off powerful waves of gravity, pulling in everything and then shoots the energy off creating a pull-push effect causing massive devastation. the circle of light grows in size as it travels under the light of the moon and will continue to travel unless stopped.

2. Moonlight Screech
Description: akuma opens his mouth and a blinding light is shown. akuma then screeches and a light instantly spreads miles ahead, making every object of color black and the surroundings white. soon after a wave of gravity comes and crushes everything within the lights way. (similar to neo when he flying)
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Ichigo Kurosaki
Captin Of Squad 1
Captin Of Squad 1
Ichigo Kurosaki

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PostSubject: Re: Akuma Getsuei   Sun May 17, 2009 3:08 pm



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Akuma Getsuei
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