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 Low-Level Kidou and Hollow Powers(For Trained Vizard, Unstable Vizard, and Awakened Vizard)

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PostSubject: Low-Level Kidou and Hollow Powers(For Trained Vizard, Unstable Vizard, and Awakened Vizard)   Fri May 15, 2009 1:41 pm

Hollow Powers
Basic Cero~ Cost: 200 Sp
high-powered energy blasts that can be fired from various body parts, such as mouth, tongue, hand or fingers. Only menos, arrancar, and vizard have so far been shown to use cero attacks, and it appears that stronger entities can use it more efficiently. Cannot be blocked or stopped by anyone rank 3 or lower.

Chiyudo 1~ Cost: 100 Sp
Minor Regeneration
This is the first chiyudo the medical shinigami learns. It requires the most basic reiatsu control. The downside to that is the rate of healing is extremely slow and the user must be in physical contact with the patient. This may only heal minor cuts, bruises and scrapes.

Chiyudo 4~ Cost: 150 Sp
Ice Bandages
This is another basic chiyudo the medical shinigami learns. It utilizes the ice element to form a temporary bandage to stop up minor wounds. It can be maintained for as many posts as the user can support it. Additional damage may be done to the wounded area if impacted

Chiyudo 5~ Cost: 150 Sp
Minor Poison Cure
This is another basic chiyudo the medical shinigami learns. It utilizes the water element to cleanse the body and wash out foreign toxins. Moderate level poison effects are neutralized and high level poison effects are slowed slightly.

Hadou 4~ Cost: 200 Sp
White Lightning
This is basic low level attack that uses Kidou in the form of lighting. It shoots out in a bolt of lightning in a straight direction. If it hits the target it can stun the target if greatly weakened.

Hadou 10~ Cost: 100 Sp
Ball Lightning
This attack is a basic attack hadou which utilizes the Lightning element. Reiatsu attracts the electrons and spiritons into a ball of lightning in the caster's hands. It is self propelled and slow moving making it more useful as a distraction than an actual attack. If it hits the target, a minor shock will be given.

Hadou 17~ Cost: 150 Sp
Artificial Rain
This hadou is largely used as a distraction but also can serve as the basis of some water based attacks. It may be maintained for as long as the reiatsu cost is able to be paid for

Hadou 31~ Cost: 100 Sp
Shakkahou - Artillería Carmesí
This is a mid-level hadou attack that can be prepared quickly. It forms a strong red ball in the caster's hands to provide a blast of power.

Hadou 33~ Cost: 300 Sp
Soukatsui Crash Down - Way of Destruction
This is a defensive hadou that can also be used for attacking. The caster puts their hands together and releases an expanding beam that appears to be a big blue ball of spiritual pressure. Anything in its way will fall to the ground or disintergrate.

Hadou 54~ Cost: 200 Sp
Waste Flame
This hadou generates a fire is able to completely burn and incinerate a target of a low reiatsu. Can be used to burn lost limbs and on funeral pyres.

Bakudo 1~ Cost: 250 Sp
Binding Restraint
This is a basic bakudo that creates a binding sleeve of reiatsu. It binds the target's arms behind their back and makes it difficult to fight. If the kidou works, this requires the target to use 250 Sp in order to break free from.

Bakudo 5~ Cost: 300 Sp
This is a basic shinigami bakudo that relieves an illusion cast upon themselves or others. It consists of concentrating their reiatsu against the invading reiatsu to break the illusion. Despite popular belief, this bakudo will not work against the illusion of someone with higher reiatsu.

Bakudo 10~ Cost: 300 Sp
Earthern Statue
This is a kidou in which the caster makes it appear to the opponent that the earth beneath him/her is alive. It "appears" to grab their legs and "completely cover them in dirt". The dirt hardens and they may find it difficult to move in. Shunpo is difficult but normal walking pace may be unhindered. However, the caster must have more reiatsu than the opponent for it to be effective.
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Low-Level Kidou and Hollow Powers(For Trained Vizard, Unstable Vizard, and Awakened Vizard)
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