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 Quincy Template

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Privaron Espada

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PostSubject: Quincy Template   Thu May 14, 2009 4:34 pm

:Name:: (This should be pretty self's a name. Just a simple "Bob" or "Sue".)

:Gender:: (Should be just as self explanitory as the "name")

:Race:: (Shinigami, Arrancar, Quincy, Vizard, or S.E.Human)

:Age:: (Just tell us your age. And please be reasonable. We don't want 5 year old Shinigami running around with swords as big as their friggin' heads. We also don't want people old enough to be dead and then playing with Quincy Bows and killing Hollows.)

:Physical Description:: (...the number of bad descriptions I've seen. It's like watching a horror movie over and over again...except not. Please, more is not less in this case. Emphasis on the not. I've seen a few really good profiles that've had small descriptions, but that doesn't change the fact that the ones where their character was described to the point where I knew how many hairs were on their head were better.)

:Personality:: (The number of "cold, silent warriors" and "perky airheads" amazes me even today, its ridiculous. WE DONT NEED MORE BYAKUYA TYPE PEOPLE! Why can't you people just make up a new personality?! Is it really that amusing to be as bland and unemotional as the next person when it comes to how your character acts? Do you know how many other people make that sort of character every day thinking it'll make them cool? Try to be creative people! I do NOT care if thats how you are in real life because this is a forum and NOT real life, its ROLEPLAY for god's sake. Be creative, not "copy+paste". Again, details are key here and we'll grade on details not length. And do us all a favor, we've had our fill of gothic, trench-coat wearing, gun-toting basterds, so just try to be different lest we sick a huge swarm of hungry Kon's on you)

:Background Information:: (This is one of the most important parts of the profile, namely, the sort of life you've lived up until the point you enter the storyline.

----Profession Info----

:Current Ranking::
(What is your current rank and name of rank?)

:Quincy Bow Appearance::

:Quincy Powers and Techniques List::
(These can be gathered at the character skill's area. Only use the one's for your current rank and below)

:Unique Abilities and Powers[Cannot use until atleast rank 2. You are limited to 3 powers at any rank below Rank 5(Expert Quincy)]:: (These are custom techniques for your character and your character only. Any custom powers must be approved by an admin or moderator and will be denied if over-powered or considered god-modding.)

1. (Name of technique)

2. (Name of technique)

3. (Name of technique)

:Unique Abilities and Powers[Cannot use until atleast rank 5]::

4. (Name of technique)

5. (Name of technique)
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Quincy Template
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