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Ryoma Hakai

Ryoma Hakai

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PostSubject: rules   Fri Mar 13, 2009 8:10 am

so what r the rules for this site?
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Kenni Sammn

Kenni Sammn

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PostSubject: Re: rules   Mon Mar 16, 2009 8:18 pm

Well were gonna need staff. but for now.

1. No God modding

2. Keep links out of chatbox. Thats what Pm's and Signature are for.

3. Respect each other.

4. Keep the indecent stuff like porn or annyoing links with viruses out of the site period

5. try to act your rank. So an academy student can't take on a captain evenly. your spiritual power or what its called measures your power. And everyone try to fix yours.

6. No spamming. Meaning no usless conversation. No putting random questions in IC parts or posting where you shouldn't.
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Privaron Espada

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PostSubject: Re: rules   Fri May 15, 2009 1:22 pm

Here are the rules!
1. No god-modding

2. No harrassing other's whether its in the chatbox or the forum itself.

3. Do NOT dodge everything, the admins and the moderators will be

4. From this point on, your character may NOT be in several places at once. If you wish to travel, then we dont see a problem in roleplaying it.

5. Do NOT try to kill someone's character unless you have their permission.
6. Follow the rules for using Special skills and techniques, make sure you read them in the first place so we can avoid un-needed complications.

7.Do not double post or hijack whole threads.

8.Do not attempt to control another person's character in any way unless you have their permission.

9.All Skills/Attacks have a 2 post recharge time, there are a few exceptions however. This rule goes for skill like flashstepping and sonidoing as well as zanpakuto skills.

10.Posts must be at least a paragraph in length(5 sentences) and have some detail to them. There should be nothing short, ridiculous, and completely boring. During fights, there will be allowed a small exception to this rule.

11.ONE character per account. 2 Characters at MAX for everyone. You may not have two canon characters who are on the same side. In order to be allowed to make another character, you must have atleast 100 posts on your first character.

12.You may only use ONE technique a post while in battle.

13.When two techniques DIRECTLY oppose each other, the technique with lower SP will always giveway to the technique with higher SP unless a mod or admin says otherwise. The only exception to this rule is the Gran Rey Cero.

14.From here on, people on the site must consult with an admin before changing characters.
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PostSubject: Re: rules   

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