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 Mattaki Shouri

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Mattaki Shouri

Mattaki Shouri

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PostSubject: Mattaki Shouri   Thu Sep 10, 2009 3:27 am

Name:: Mattaki Shouri
:Gender:: Male

:Race:: Spirit Endowed Human

:Age:: 21

:Physical Description:: Mattaki has long black silky hair that goes down to the top of his shoulder blades. Paralleled with his deep magenta colored eyes Mattaki makes up a pretty unique individual. His build is athletic but not overly muscular. While at school he could be seen wearing the college uniform, a plain white button down shirt with solid pants. Outside of school he would normally where sneakers and some matching, comfortable, loose fitting clothing. He normally wears a black jacket that was specially designed for him. That jacket was a present to him from his parents when he passed their family test. He always wear this especially in a fight.

:Personality:: Mattaki has a very distinctive personality, he tends to think of himself in ways others wouldn’t. Mattaki is very self-conserves of his abilities and what he is capable of, he tries not to let others down unless he was let down of them first. Mattaki is very sensitive most of the time and thinks that if he has done anything wrong the blame is on him and he also tends to take blame for others actions as well. Mattaki besides being sensitive is also very outgoing, he loves to explore in search of new things, and learning more of the world, these things seem to intrigue Mattaki as such. Mattaki is very courageously outgoing, Mattaki never backs down from any type of challenge which succeeds from rock-paper-scissors to a full blown fight, his prides seems to get him in trouble but this doesn’t seem to bother him what so much. He usually is a kind person but deep inside his a very ambitious person and he really hates to lose although he doesn’t show it much. He always holds a grudge to people who beat him and tries his best to beat them 100 folds back. He can change his personality too so he can make others think that his best for them. No one can seem to see through his mask though. Mattaki tends to think more on the obvious sides of things instead of the more logical towards others but underneath things Mattaki is very intelligent and is very strategic as well.

:Background Information::
Mattaki Shouri isn't like most humans;; he has been gifted with psychic abilities. He is able to take any everyday object and turn them into fatal projectiles. His alias "Shinme" (Shinme a Japanese word that means Shoot) should clue most in as to how he uses this power; storing a high concentration of reiatsu into an object, he can send it flying with a mere flick through someone's skull, or even through a building if he desired. He's extremely accurate and has never once missed his target.

After being gifted with his abilities, he left his family, which was a very known family throughout Japan and in the underworld, and agreed to join a small group of assasins. The assasin guild was actually in a brink of extinction as each member were being killed by opposing guild and was being caught. The reason behind this is their leader died in the hand of their vice captain who led a coup d'etat just to destroy the guild and be accepted in the best guild "Orochi". After he joined up, the guild started to gain some reputauion again and was slowly reaching the respect points of that of Orochi Guild. When Mattaki's guild finally became second in the guild ranks, Orochi's leader ordered his man to take out Mattaki's guild. The Orochi attacked that night and it was a surprised attacked, Mattaki’s guild members were all killed in the attack.

After the incident, Mattaki fled the city and went to solitude; there, he met a fox demon (hollow) by the name of Zichiromu. She was able to successfully convince Mattaki to aid her and helped her with her plans. They were able to travel back into the city, and Zichi began her reign of terror, using her fiery attacks to burn half the city to the ground, and using her fox-like cunning to steal valuable items from wherever she could get them. She was killed, however, by a creature known as a Shinigami, which is how Mattaki met Kiara of the 5th squad in the Gotei 13. They became pretty good friends, and Mattaki decided not to use his powers for destruction. Instead, he made shelter out of one of the broken down buildings that had resulted from Zichi's madness and began using his abilities to kill any hollows who dare try to cause its mayhem on the city. He never wanted to be a hero, but fighting hollows was amusing and interesting to him.

But one day a new type of creature made its presence known in the human world;; a being known as an Adjuchas. Among these new hollows were two females who, due to odd circumstances of their past, could take the form of a regular human. Kiara had come to aquaintance himself with the Hollow sisters, Rhaksha and Aneon, who Mattaki also became good friends with. These two Hollows didn't wish for devouring the souls of others but to simply live in a place where they weren't always in danger, and so he helped them find shelter in a dense forest outside the city. He would always go to them to talk or train. With the training of these two adjuchas Mattaki has gained a lot of experience and learned the move "Sonido" but his was not as good as the original but it was fast especially for a human being.

His fight against the hollows went on unknown and unnoticed by the people of the city;; he was always careful not to draw attention to himself, again not wanting to be spotted or viewed as a hero.

:Current Ranking::
Rank 1

:Spiritually Enhanced Human - Unique Power::
Spirit Abilities. Psychic Ability: Mattaki's eye changes when he uses his power

:Unique Power Appearance::

:Unique Abilities and Powers[Cannot use until atleast rank 2. You are limited to 4 powers at any rank below Rank 5]::
1. Konjouken = Mattaki can make any everyday object and turn them into a fatal projectile. The speed of the attack is as fast as a pin point shot whether he is at pin point or 500 meters away. The limit to his aim is 1 km away. (SP 100)
2. Shikyoin = He can mark his opponents and all those he throws at that person will shoot at the opponent until it hits them. (SP 100 + 50 more per 2 turns)
3. Mattaki’s Sonido = Mattaki can also use a move close to the speed of a sonido. (3 turn recharge)
4. Bikou metsuki = Mattaki’s eyes can follow the movement of his enemy making him dodge their physical moves. (2 turn recharge)

NOTE: All Spiritually Enhanced Human techniques must involve their unique power.

: Spiritually Enhanced Powers and Techniques
[Cannot use until at least rank 5]::(These are custom techniques for your character and your character only. Any custom powers must be approved by an admin or moderator and will be denied if over-powered or considered god-modding.)
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Mattaki Shouri
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