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 Kuchiki Kioshi, the Failure of the Clan

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Kioshi Kuchiki

Kioshi Kuchiki

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PostSubject: Kuchiki Kioshi, the Failure of the Clan   Tue Aug 11, 2009 4:13 am

:Name:: Kuchiki Kioshi

:Gender:: Male

:Race:: Shinigami

:Age:: 120 years within the soul yakuya when he was my age but their is a slight difference. I am much taller than he was plus my hair is longer. Being compared to byakuya is so irretating that I try my best to set myself apart from him in anyway. I style my hair differently everyday for that reason. I have also had my very out tattoo places on my right shoulder blade. It's design if of a camellia in mid bloom will ripple lines extending from it. One thing that really sets us apart is our eyes, mine are a bright azure. This is the only why some members in the family set us apart. Although there is one other thing. I possess another tattoo that was given to me by our father. It was placed on my right arm. It is the kanji for "Failure" and has a long line from the top of the shoulder to the middle knuckle of my hand to simbilize the infinite reflection of my failure to the clan as long as I live.

:Personality:: Most of my life i was compared to Byakuya. Mother used to talk about how spunky and troublesome Byakuya used to be and how I am a reflection of him. Father said my rash attitude was a drop off of byakuya and it is the source of my clumsyness. But personally me and Byakuya are complete opposites. I on one hand, am very hyper individual. Byakuya never runs within the home. I'm always in motion worring my gonna fail at something. Like breathing. Byakuya has such confidense within his work and never strays from his duties. This is one quality I wish we both had. Although some say I'm like him, I wish I actually was. I'm not even sure I have a personality, I'm more of a cracked mirror.

:Background Information:: Unlike Rukia, I was born into the Kuchiki clan. Within our clan we have a small nmber of those who are shinigami while the rest of them are the nobel citizens of the Soul Society. Although it is tradition for select house holds to possess sons or daughters that are shinigami. When our father lived, he was the son of the leader and was one of many houses who cared the tradition of shinigami children. Byakuya had already become a shinigami when I was small. When it was my turn to become a shinigami, I was inlisted in the academy. Although I had trouble working on my control over my own abilities. Byakuya was asked to assist me in my studies and practices. Over sometime Byakuya and I grew a brotherly bond. When he was inlisted in squad 6, he had painted the camellia on my back as a sign hope and reason to strive to become better. Sometime past and the exams were ready to begin. One after another I had failed all the exams I was given. Three exams plus two private exams as requested from my father. The first time I failed Byakuya had faith in me. He simply told me to try again. After my fifth exam he and father gave up on me. Byakuya said his hours spent on me were worthless. Even in private leasons the basic of any kido or swordship went wrong in my hands. Byakuya told me he had no further time to waste on me, if I wasn't going to take my leasons seriously.Sometime after father branded my arm with his symbol of my so called disgrace. He told me that if he was going to be such a useless nothing then I didn't deserve the life I have. Being a shinigami wasn't my only failure. I have done many odd jobs before and all of them had the same end to it. I had once broken a tea pot while serving my family guests. After my father's little episode he had sent me to live with his brother and sister-in-law. Nothing happenedwhile I spent my time there. Although my uncle enjoyed my company more than my father did. Although I never did quit the Academy. Uncle told me if it was something I wished to acheive then I simply had to go forward. I spent my time wisely helping my new family and managed to make my new classes at the academy. I wrote Byakuya a letter telling him about my new life and told him that one of the reasons I failed so many tries on the shinigami exams was because I didn't try my full 100%. It was because i knew if I begame a shinigami then our time together would be gone and I would have to spend my days within the walls of my division. Byakuya had finally sent me a letter back not replying to anything I had told him about but only telling me about Rukia's arrival in the family. When i first heard the news of this I felt l ike I was replaced. Although, knoowing father, I probably was. When the new exams came up I had finally pasted. But the only ones who knew where me and my uncle's family. I was not sure if I should tell father. Although i didnt need to. I wasnt dependant on his approval anymore. When I was placed in a division, Byakuya was notified emidiantly and had asked for me to be placed in his household. When I sent to byakuya's home I was notified of father's death and rukia's graduation to the gotei 13. When I heard of both of these I did not smile, I did not frown. I did nothing. I nodded and walked away to my bed chambers. These were two people i couldnt care for. Father was nothing to me. As for Rukia i didn't know her. The information was just as useless as telling me the sky was blue. Now here in the present I live a more peaceful life as i did with my Uncle. I do my duty and complete it without hesitation. My skills have finally blossumed into a great shinigami and I am proud to say I have accomplished it on my own. Although, I am not sure how my relationship with both Byakuya and Rukia is going to be. I wonder if byakuya really thinks of me as a waste of time. As for Rukia, how will she feel about my new appearence in her life. So much to do and so much to overcome.

----Profession Info----

:Current Ranking::
Not ranked

:Kido Knowledge List[Limit is 10]::
Chiyudo 1~ Cost: 100 Sp
Minor Regeneration
This is the first chiyudo the medical shinigami learns. It requires the most basic reiatsu control. The downside to that is the rate of healing is extremely slow and the user must be in physical contact with the patient. This may only heal minor cuts, bruises and scrapes.

Chiyudo 4~ Cost: 150 Sp
Ice Bandages
This is another basic chiyudo the medical shinigami learns. It utilizes the ice element to form a temporary bandage to stop up minor wounds. It can be maintained for as many posts as the user can support it. Additional damage may be done to the wounded area if impacted

Chiyudo 5~ Cost: 150 Sp
Minor Poison Cure
This is another basic chiyudo the medical shinigami learns. It utilizes the water element to cleanse the body and wash out foreign toxins. Moderate level poison effects are neutralized and high level poison effects are slowed slightly.

Hadou 4~ Cost: 200 Sp
White Lightning
This is basic low level attack that uses Kidou in the form of lighting. It shoots out in a bolt of lightning in a straight direction. If it hits the target it can stun the target if greatly weakened.

Hadou 10~ Cost: 100 Sp
Ball Lightning
This attack is a basic attack hadou which utilizes the Lightning element. Reiatsu attracts the electrons and spiritons into a ball of lightning in the caster's hands. It is self propelled and slow moving making it more useful as a distraction than an actual attack. If it hits the target, a minor shock will be given.

Hadou 31~ Cost: 100 Sp
Shakkahou - Artillería Carmesí
This is a mid-level hadou attack that can be prepared quickly. It forms a strong red ball in the caster's hands to provide a blast of power.

Bakudo 1~ Cost: 250 Sp
Binding Restraint
This is a basic bakudo that creates a binding sleeve of reiatsu. It binds the target's arms behind their back and makes it difficult to fight. If the kidou works, this requires the target to use 250 Sp in order to break free from.

Bakudo 5~ Cost: 300 Sp
This is a basic shinigami bakudo that relieves an illusion cast upon themselves or others. It consists of concentrating their reiatsu against the invading reiatsu to break the illusion. Despite popular belief, this bakudo will not work against the illusion of someone with higher reiatsu.

:Zanpakuto Appearance[Shikai and Bankai]::
Shikai Form:

Bankai Form: no bankai

:Zanpakuto Info:: My zanpaktou is somewhat strange. All zanpaktou as everyone knows, is a reflection of the shinigami that holes it. Well my zanpaktou like myself is a double minded person. When faced with confilct, both me and my zanpaktou consider that both options are somewhat possitive and also negative in a way. When my sword knows I'm within a conflict like that it gives me a list of pros and cons although he knows i knw these pros and cons but like myself feels it's nessicayry to give out inforamtion, even if they know it already.

My zanpaktou's name is Nibun' ya no Fukintou, meaning Imbalance of the Two Realms, or Two Realms' Imbalance. This name he says comes from the the two sides of both ends on any conflict. Like shinigami and hollows. Or yin and yang. One side will always havea favor in hand. But it's a constant shift in the equalty that is said to be.

The reasoning I do not have a bankai is because Nibun'ya has a very low self esteem and doesnt believe that bankai will be achieved at our level. Even though we both have the will to challenge ourselves we both think that bankai will be forever out of our reach. It's a depressing thought really. When I am ready to activate Nibun' ya i sat the following: Divide and Favor.

This is Nibun' o no Fukintou's true form.

:Zanpakuto Shikai Abilities and Powers[Limit 3, Shikai Powers are only available at rank 2 and up]::
(These are custom powers for your Shikai form zanpakuto. Any custom powers must be approved by an admin or moderator and will be denied if over-powered or considered god-modding.)

1. Amatsuyochi, Uchu Bakuda (Heavenly World, Showering Blast)
Description: This skill is one that breaks my blades in two and fires the shards into a wave of fragmented metal. The shards fly through the sky sprialing into a rotating cloud of dust. This is a wide ranged attack that can take out multiple enemies. The metal that shines will look like a ray light flying across the air.

2. Kuroyochi, Tandokuya (Dark World, Single Arrow)
Description: This ability is one that fused both blades together at once and fires the cutting blade into a single target. The speed of this attack is much greater than that of the Uchu Bakuda. This skill has said to be so fast that light can not reflect of of it. This skill is one that blinds into any shadow and kills in a silent wind. It can only be used on a single target.

3. Tsuinbun'ya, Sansai Shakuzen (Twin Realm, Sudden Awakening of Three Powers)
Description: When activation this technique, I first must release a large about of spirtual energy. Once that is out of the way, I will point my sword at my opponite and begin to twirl it in a circle. Then athin circle of visable energy is displayed and from that three beams of shiningenergy will fire outward and then comtogether as one brining a wave of destruction upon the enmy i use it one. The attack is a combination of the shards of my sword, my spirtual energy and pysical strangeth I use to perform this dreadful attack. With enough power this attack can resemble a cero.
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PostSubject: Re: Kuchiki Kioshi, the Failure of the Clan   Tue Aug 18, 2009 1:59 am

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Kuchiki Kioshi, the Failure of the Clan
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