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 Saruno Nakatori

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PostSubject: Saruno Nakatori   Mon Jun 22, 2009 12:44 pm

:Name:: Saruno Nakatori

:Gender:: Male

:Race:: Vizard


Visual Age: 21

Actual Age: 723

:Physical Description::

:Personality:: (The number of "cold, silent warriors" and "perky airheads" amazes me even today, its ridiculous. WE DONT NEED MORE BYAKUYA TYPE PEOPLE! Why can't you people just make up a new personality?! Is it really that amusing to be as bland and unemotional as the next person when it comes to how your character acts? Do you know how many other people make that sort of character every day thinking it'll make them cool? Try to be creative people! I do NOT care if thats how you are in real life because this is a forum and NOT real life, its ROLEPLAY for god's sake. Be creative, not "copy+paste". Again, details are key here and we'll grade on details not length. And do us all a favor, we've had our fill of gothic, trench-coat wearing, gun-toting basterds, so just try to be different lest we sick a huge swarm of hungry Kon's on you)

:Background Information:: Saruno Nakatori is what some would consider a "Naturally born" spirit, in sense that he himself was born to a couple whom were both Shinigami. Due to this nature, he was born with a high amount of Reiatsu, as well as strong potential to become a great Shinigami. He lived his childhood days with little to no contact with his parents, considering the jobs they had to undertake, such as defending the Sereitei. As he grew up, he became obsessed with helping people, often throwing himself in front of the strongest members of Rukongai, and often defeating them within seconds. After Several years had passed, his parents ended up dying on a mission. Upon hearing this, he took it upon himself to fight for the Soul Society, and undertook training.

His training days were rather short. He showed great potential and natural talent as a Shinigami, showing incredible capabilities in both kido and swordplay. He was also one of the quickest to ever release their Zanpakuto. This was said to be due to his Shinigami blood, he was able to hear the voice of his Zanpakuto spirit. Quickly, he passed the entrance examinations, and became a fully ranked Shinigami, and joined Squad 8.

He then spent his days doing tasks to please his superiors, such as patrolling the Soul Society and defeating hollows on earth. When he's not doing so, he tends to relax and wonder around the Soul Society, watching people train and offering a helping hand where it was needed. It wasn't long before he became the Captain of Squad 8, his potential being made clear by the speed he progressed. He had mastered his Bankai by this time, however, something strange was happening that would change his life forever.

On the day mentioned, Saruno was called into the Central 46. It was there that he was given the duty to protect a rare artifact, the Hōgyoku. The strange item was locked in a container, that could have only been opened by a key that was given to him. The container prevented its capabilities from leaking out and taking hold of the Souls of the Sereitei. It was said to him that he had to protect it with his life, as somebody was trying to find it and use its powers to unlock greater energies hidden deep within every Shinigami. However, it was during this time that Saruno grew curious. He wished to know what hidden powers the artifact possessed. *Click*

He was then in his own private chambers, the sphere sitting next to him. With a single touch, it began. The world around him began to spin as a strange whiteness surrounded him. He was in panic, as the strange white fragments merged into a mask on his face. His inner eye then saw something that looked akin to him, however it was truly dull, almost colorless. He ended up fighting this creature, defeating it in battle. The strange "thing" that he fought was then referred to as Saruno's newest companion, an Inner Hollow. Upon defeating it, he stood in a destroyed building, rubble resting at his feet. Looking down at the sphere that lye beneath him, he panicked, leaving it where it was and retreating to the human world.

Through the years, however, Saruno managed to gain control over his Inner Hollow, total control. He could summon his mask for prolonged periods of time, and the longer he could hold the strange transformation the stronger he seemed to become. It was during his years on earth, however, that it became apparent that some Shinigami managed to gain this strange power for themselves. He took it upon himself to command them and teach them the ways of the "Vaizard". After a while, he became the leader of this group, and became considered by many is the "First Elite". He is constantly on the lookout for Shinigami who have yet to learn of their hidden powers, struggling with the secret of the inner hollow. His aim is simply to teach, and allow them to live a happy life. After all, Hollowification was heavily illegal and not allowed by the Soul Society rules. Saruno simply wished to give his fellow Vaizards a place to live.

Now, two hundred years later, his story continues.

----Profession Info----

:Current Ranking::
(What is your current rank and name of rank?)

:Kido Knowledge List[Limit is 8]::
(Kido may be gained from the shinigami kido forum in the character creation section, make sure you only use kido made for your rank.)

:Mask Appearance::
(This is self explanitory ^^, "What does your holloween face look like?")

:Zanpakuto Appearance::
Shikai Form:

Bankai Form:

:Zanpakuto Info:: (Tell us a little about your zapakuto, like its personality or its strength's and weaknesses.)

:Zanpakuto Shikai Abilities and Powers[Limit 2, Shikai Powers are only available at rank 2 and up]::
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:Bankai Abilities and Powers[Limit 2, Bankai is only available to Rank 5(Experienced Vaizard) and above]::
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2. (Name of technique)
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Saruno Nakatori
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