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 Kenni Sammn

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Kenni Sammn

Kenni Sammn

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PostSubject: Kenni Sammn   Thu Jun 18, 2009 7:00 pm

Name:: Kenni Sammn

:Gender:: Male

:Race:: Shinigami

:Age:: 69 (appears to be 16 )

:Physical Description:: Kenni wears a typical shinigami uniform . It look similar to a samurai gear the is seen on all shinigami . He carries his zanpakuto on his back because it is too long to wear on his waist. He has autumn brow hair that looks all raggedy. He has hazel green eyes.

:Personality:: Kenni is a sort of selfish person. He thinks of his own gain over everything he does mostly. He does in fact do what works out for everyone in the end. He doesn't take into consideration what others think of him. He just lives his life err I mean death how every he feels is the right way. No matter who seems to mock him or insult him or punish him.

:Background Information::
Kenni Sammn was born in North America . he was the typical child. He liked being out side. Seeing he came from an Irish heritage he was taught to play soccer and kick hard at a young age of four. He grew up loving to do stuff with his feet such as swim, run, and kick. He spent most of his life playing soccer as the ace player on his team. He joined the Track and field team as a spring sport in high school. Then he used his feet and reflexes to become a state level jumper in his first year. He was sadly hit by a car on the way to practice at the age of sixteen. this does kill him crushing his rib cage.

He woke up in the Soul Society pretty confused . He spent five years pretty much mopping around the Rukongai districts about how he missed his life. Then one day, while buying food he saw a guy in a black samurai outfit. He soon learned that the person was a shinamgami who protected the Soul Society and the Human world. Kenni made up his mind to become a shinigami. The academy was pretty expensive to get into.He managed to get a job as a street preformer and in 48 years he got enough money to enter the academy.

----Profession Info----

:Current Ranking::
Rank 1- Shinigami Academy student

:Kido Knowledge List[Limit is 10]::
none yet

:Zanpakuto Appearance[Shikai and Bankai]::
Shikai Form: Raimizurokku is a Zanpakuto that is five feet long. It is very slender in any state the actul zanpakuto doesn't change in size. It does have a rubbery hilt to protect the user from its effects. when turned into shikai form a golden gem forms in the center of the zanpakuto. Then a watery Lion is summoned to Kenni's side moving to how Kenni moves Raimizurokku. It is charged with lightninng so the water looks all staticy.

Bankai Form:Gia Raimizurokku- Lightning stikes Kenni from the sky and forms into a lighting bolt hardens into a crystal like lion on his back. The lion then grows wings made from lightning and a big tail. the wings size diminishes according to how much Spiritual presurre Kenni has left. It growns feet and a tail made out of lighting too. The actul zanpakuto remains unchanged but is all flowing with static elericity.

:Zanpakuto Info::

:Zanpakuto Shikai Abilities and Powers[Limit 3, Shikai Powers are only available at rank 2 and up]::
(These are custom powers for your Shikai form zanpakuto. Any custom powers must be approved by an admin or moderator and will be denied if over-powered or considered god-modding.)

1. (Name of technique)Rai Pulse
Description:The user focuses lighting into their zanpakuto meaning anyone who touce sit while in shikai form including user would be stunned for a split second.

2. (Name of technique)

3. (Name of technique)

:Bankai Abilities and Powers[Limit 2, Bankai is only available to Rank 5(4th seat shinigami) and above]::
(These are custom powers for your Bankai form zanpakuto. Any custom powers must be approved by an admin or moderator and will be denied if over-powered or considered god-modding.)

1. (Name of technique)Giga RaiPule
Description:The user focues their lightning power into zanpakuto and sends it into a wave of lightning at the foe.

2. (Name of technique)

Shinigami Template

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Kenni Sammn
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