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 Kinu Sotto, Red Death

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Kinu Sotto
Kinu Sotto

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PostSubject: Kinu Sotto, Red Death   Fri Jun 12, 2009 6:25 pm

:Name:: Kino Sotto

:Gender:: Male

:Race:: Shinigami

:Age:: 124 (appernce 16)

:Physical Description:: Kinu has the body of an animal like Captain Kuramura, the species in which you would isolate it would possibly be Vulpes vulpes or also know as the red fox. Kinu's body if of the fox species but is build that of man which is a result of the strong spirit this animal held in it's past life. Kinu wears only to bottom robe section of his shinigami uniform and has an opening in the back for his long fluffy tail. He has a piercing on the right ear and at time's wears a blue silk sash.

:Personality:: Kinu mantains a bright upbeat personality and only takes things seriously when it concerns him. He views everything as a joke and with continue to joke as such until a fight occurs....then he will joke some more. He cares nothing of his own danger and always smiles at his opponent to openly greet them before battle which is sometimes mistaken as taunting. Kinu smiles constintly, asking him not to would ask him not would be like asking him not to breathe.....or wear pants. Yes it's that shameful! Although he is always bright and joyful, he is very sensitive and takes his tail before others (don't ask). His rules is simply this "If want my friendship then i will give it to you. Same with my love, my smile, and my hatred. You want help then ask me."

Helpful tip, don't ever taunt him with a game of might lose an arm. He will also throw a small child out of the way to get some strawberries.

:Background Information:: After living the short life of a young cute little fox in the human world, Kino began to live as a young in the ruikon district of ther Seireitei. He lived on a harvesting ranch far off from the actual village area. Kinu lived with seven other brothers and seven other sisters (they were not fox people) who all took care of the ranch and helped in picking the morning harvest of delicious strawberries. The sky was always bright blue and the nights were a nice chill. The family had no parents but they were able to make a good profit almost everyday and have plenty to eat. During the winter the harvest went bad and their wasn't much too eat. Kinu and his rothers and sisters all spent the days and nights down at the river fishing for food. During one night the family returned home to find the house and entire farm in flames. The story was bandits came in to steal everything they had and burn the place down while they were asleep. After some mild reconstruction, they develuped a new home, smaller than the last but it was still a home. Kinu went into town to see if anyone would buy some lumber when he met with the Kuchiki Family members who were in the Gotei 13 at the time. On his travels back home from trying to bribe the family into buying some lumber he pondered the idea of becoming a shinigami since becoming a kuchiki was out of the question. When he brought the idea up with his brothers and sisters a large fight broke out between everyone. Half said it was crazy and they would never accept someone like Kinu for his apperence while the other half said it was too good for him to pass up and that with that they could live without worry of poverty or safety. Kinu had then registered and was accepted into the academy. Kinu hadn't told his family of his final choice but had left a letter saying he will make things better.

----Profession Info----

:Current Ranking::
Academy student

:Kido Knowledge List[Limit is 10]::
No kido so far

:Zanpakuto Appearance[Shikai and Bankai]::
Shikai Form:

Bankai Form:

:Zanpakuto Info:: Kinu's zanpaktou's name is Meibatsu or Divine Punishment. It's personality is pretty simple. It cares not who the opponent is or what relation they have to it's weilder it's belief is "You shall reap what you sow". It is a rightious sword that only care for punishing those who deserve it one way or another. Kinu who weilds this blade hates the idea of this sword because he proclaims "It's too much of my opposite" to be his blade. Kinu explains how he believes in everyone deserving a second chance and not wanting to hurt anyone but since the zanpaktou being a reflection of the person's true soul, it is later said that Kinu is just as rightious and critically justifiable as his zanpaktou. The main power of this blade is to release gigantic shockwaves of pressurized air into one big bang.

The shikai of the zanpaktou is a large buster blade with a small flail keychain like accesory hanging from the bottom and the the guard curving over the hand with spikes coming off of it like knuckles. The center of the zanpaktou is sheer glass that is at thick as the blade but as clear as air. Kinu proclaims that the glass is a symbol of how easily people can see through him. As stated before the the main ablilty of the blade is to release waves of pressurized airbut the shikai and bankai of this zanpaktou contain semi-different abilities. The secondary ability to this shikai is is maliablitiy and ablity of change it's shape. The shikai only tranforms into three shapes. The default form, heavy arm form (Omoiude), and wild arm form (Araiude). The Heavy arm is the transformation when the gigantic blade of the zanpaktou evaporates and the handle and guard turn into one large iron fist with spiked knuckles. It is a giant gauntlet that covers up Kinu's entire arm while a large spike ball covers his shoulder. This gives Kinu tremindous destructive power but his speed is drastically cut down. Running is not a possiblity. The wild arm form is the disappearance of the blade and guard and the handle engulfs the hand into a small iron fist while the flail on the zanpaktou quickly inlarges and becomes an unstoppable recking ball. The pros to this forms are the large range availablity of the zanpaktou along with the crushing force behind it, but the cons are it's unprediablity and the the defenselessness of when it is swung.

The bankai form of this zanpaktou is two large haliberds with handles that stretch to the head and the blades that are just as long with spiked iron armours over the torso and shoulders. The name of Kinu's bankai is Enkotenshi Meibatsu Divine Punishment Arcangel). The second ability to has besides the shockwave creation is the ablity to create a vacuum within the battlefield. These is done when Kinu combines the bottom's of the hailberd's and swings them over his head forming a sphere in which no air exists. The vacuum orb can only grow as long as the haliberds. On the back of Kinu's armour is three circling green flashing orbs. This is actually a symbol of howlong his bankai sustain (like Toushirou Hitsugaya's bankai) but these orb's are actully his pressurized spirtual energy that feed him. He can use them if he wants to as an attack but the result is too dangerous to even attempt, so he only uses them for his power supply
:Zanpakuto Shikai Abilities and Powers[Limit 3, Shikai Powers are only available at rank 2 and up]::
(These are custom powers for your Shikai form zanpakuto. Any custom powers must be approved by an admin or moderator and will be denied if over-powered or considered god-modding.)

1. Shunten (Sky Flash)
Description: These is the shockwave created by Kinu's zanpaktou that pressurizes air into a cycling blade and explodes on contact. The attack can only continue travling for so long before it dies down. The effects of this attack are so tremindous it sends the weilder flying backwards.

2. Omoiude (Heavy Arm)
Description: This is not really an attack but a transformation of the zanpaktou into a large iron gauntlet that covers the shoulder to tip of the fingers. The gauntler cannot be bent in any normal arm-like mechanical way. The power of this weapon is doubled but the speed of the user is cut by 3/4. Shunpo and any other quick step skills are useless. Alttitude of flight is also decreased from weight.

3. Araiude (Wild arm)
Description: This is another transformation of the zanpaktou that transforms the blade and guard into a small iron gauntlet that hooks onto the weilder's hand while the flail and chain attached to it get larger. The length of the flail is determined on the length of the orginal blade. Every per square inch if one chain link. The destructive force of this weapon is doubled but the defense of the weilder is completely dropped of having no other weapon when it is swung.

:Bankai Abilities and Powers[Limit 2, Bankai is only available to Rank 5(4th seat shinigami) and above]::
(These are custom powers for your Bankai form zanpakuto. Any custom powers must be approved by an admin or moderator and will be denied if over-powered or considered god-modding.)

1. Goubatsu (Eternal Punishment)
Description: This is a more powerful version of the Shunten attack. The weilder releases a triple shockwave attavk at the same time the spreads out either over a vast plain in a horizantal or veritcal pattern. If one of the shockwaves makes contact with a target then the other two will also explode in a wave of power as well.

2. Karapomunashi (Empty Void)
Description: When combining the two haliberds, Kinu swings them above his head and uses his spirtual spirtual energy to create a space in which there is no air. The space can only grow as large as the length of the to haliberds. When the vacuum is broken in a tremindous force of is released to to the pressure. An explodion is created but only for a split second and is immdeatly followed by an implosion which anyone who is hit by has only .05 seconds to react before the implosion begins.
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Soi Fon
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Soi Fon

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PostSubject: Re: Kinu Sotto, Red Death   Fri Jun 26, 2009 1:34 pm

You shall be my Second Seat Officer when you become of Rank.x3
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Kinu Sotto, Red Death
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