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 Xuenken Nara No.3 Espada

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PostSubject: Xuenken Nara No.3 Espada   Sun Jun 07, 2009 9:46 am

Name:: Xuenken Nara
:Gender:: Male

:Race:: Arrancar

:Age:: Looks around 28 but is actually considerably older.

:Physical Description::
Tall thin but still fairly muscley. He wears a mask made from bone that looks like this and completely covers his head

His hollow whole goes through his mouth and out the back of his head.

:Personality:: Nara is a kind warrior who always looks out to protect arrancar who are worth protecting. He has a strong hate for shinigami because of their merciless slaughter of his kin. Nara does not usually speak unless spoken to but if engaged in conversation he talks fluently and loves to express his ideas especially with shinigami as he is so curious as to how their minds work. Nara does not enjoy starting fights but loves to see peoples zanpaktou in action and for him that is worth the trouble. He can also be quite cocky if fighting a warrior he feels to be inferior to him.

:Background Information:: Xuenken Nara has lived for a long time always serving Aizen and often helping the forces of Hueco Mondo with tactics and new ideas. He has been Espada for as long as he can remember after having killed the previous No.3 Espada a year after his transformation into a arrancar. He does not often show his face in public and there are few shinigami who have seen him and lived as he only shows his face to those shingami he is about to fight.

----Profession Info----

:Current Ranking::
No.3 Espada (please)

:Arrancar Powers List[Limit is 10]::
Advanced Bala~ Cost: 300 Sp
A much stronger and far more focused version of the basic and improved bala's. Using an incredible amount of hardened reiatsu, it is capable of moving at just as amazing speeds and hitting with the force of what might as well be a speeding missile. These attacks are fired from the users hands, moving 30% faster than a basic bala. This attack hits with the force of 700 Sp.

Advanced Cero~ Cost: 450 Sp
A stronger version of the basic and improved cero's. These attacks focus and suppress a much larger amount of spiritual energy into the beam, allowing for much more destructive results against an opponent. Cannot be blocked or stopped by anyone rank 7 or lower. This attack hits with the force of 900 Sp

Granrey Cero(Espada and Arrancar God Only)~ Cost: 1200 Sp
An exclusive cero that only the Espada themselves are capable of handling. Unbelievably powerful but at a much higher cost to use than the other levels of cero attacks. This attack is capable of shattering even the strongest of barriers and annihilating anything within its path in a wide beam of destruction, bending the very fabric of space around it as it travels towards its target. Unstoppable and very difficult to escape because of the massive blast radius. Recharge time for this tech is 5 posts. This attack hits with the force of 2000 Sp.

Siren's Call Level 2~ Cost: 100 Sp
Allows the user to call upon up to 10 other hollows to assist them in battle.

* Garganta (黒腔, lit. "black cavity;" the pronunciation is Spanish for "throat") is how arrancar move to and from Hueco Mundo. Kaname Tōsen and Kisuke Urahara have also demonstrated the ability to use the technique. It literally tears open the dimensional fabric separating the worlds, revealing a tunnel of whirling, torrential energy that must be focused and solidified to create a discernible pathway.

* Hierro (鋼皮, lit. "steel skin;" the pronunciation is Spanish for "iron") refers to the ultratough skin of the arrancar, which is a result of their compressed spiritual power. While their skin is strong enough to block even released zanpakutō bare-handed, it is by no means impenetrable. Stronger arrancar have proportionally stronger skin.

* Negación (反膜, lit. "counter membrane;" the pronunciation is Spanish for "negation") fields are used to rescue fellow hollows. Only the gillian-class menos have shown the ability to use it. Negación fields surround a target in a square beam of light that isolates the target from the dimension they are currently in, making it impossible to harm them. The field then pulls the target towards the menos that created the field. Espada have a special cube-shaped device called Caja Negación (Spanish for "Negation Box") meant to simulate negación fields, which are used to punish their subordinates if necessary. The cube, when used on a subject, traps them in an alternate dimension from which there is no escape; however, this assumes it's being used as intended. More powerful arrancar, namely the Espada themselves, can escape given enough time.

* Pesquisa (探査回路, lit. "inquiry circuit;" the pronunciation is Spanish for "inquiry") is the arrancar equivalent of the shinigami ability to sense spiritual pressure. It functions similar to sonar.

* Sonido (響転, lit. "resounding revolution;" the pronunciation is Spanish for "sound") is the arrancar equivalent of the shinigami flash steps and the Quincy hirenkyaku; it allows the user to travel at incredibly high speeds for short distances. Use of sonido is punctuated by a brief static sound, in contrast to the "swish" sound used for flash steps

Sealed Form:

Release Form:

:Zanpakuto Info::
:Name: Gakidou (Hungry ghost)
:Nara hates his zanpakuto because it is greedy and is constantly looking to devour opponents. For this reason Nara uses his Zanpakuto as little as possible and releases it only in dire circumstances.
:Sealed Form Abilities and Powers

1. Unomi Gakidou (Swallow Hungry Ghost)
Description: A hole opens in the end of the sword allowing three ghost like leeches that always stay attached to the sword to come out. These ghosts can wrap around opponents or bite them, draining their reiatsu and life energy and giving it to Nara. These can be blocked using certain types of kidou.

2. Kujiku Gakidou (Crush Hungry Ghost)
Description: If all three ghosts bite onto the opponent then this move can be used. More leech ghosts begin to spawn out of the current leech ghosts mouths which wrap around the opponent until they are completely covered. If these are left without resistance from the victim then they will most surely be crushed to death and devoured.

:Release Form Abilities and Powers

1. Gakidou Kuikorosu Botsunyuu (Hungry Ghost Devour being wholly absorbed in)
Description: The three ghosts are eaten by Nara and the wrap from his zanpaktou crawls up the blade until the sword is covered. It then turns into an 11 inch long green spike which drains a bit of the life and reiatsu from anyone who is hit with it. Also Nara's body becomes covered in tattoo's as well as growing a tail. However Nara's body becomes sand like and can burst and reform his body and his spike at will, the only part of his body which is still 'real' is his head.

2. Marunomi (Swallow Whole)
Description: If the enemy is stabbed by the spike then this move can be used. Nara's whole body turns to dust and begins to regenerate around the injured opponent which will completely consume them after roughly 2 minutes.
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Xuenken Nara No.3 Espada
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